Thanks for the things that make us better (A Yuppie’s Thoughts)

As turkey day arrives and I reflect upon the last year, I looked back upon the rest of my life and considered things that were and were not of my control that brought me to this point.  Everyone is faced with decisions that alter their course in life and values that they hold dear; these are active choices that we all make.  There are also things that people, like myself, always have taken for granted.

  • I am thankful for my social situation.  Money in my family has never been tight.  I have never worried about my next meal or next month’s rent.  Sometimes, I think I am too sheltered from the hardships that others face on a daily basis.  Growing up in public schools with students that come from a range of household incomes, I know I am shielded from debt and worry that plague so many others.
  • I am thankful for opportunity that I am afforded by my situation in life.  The freedom to choose what you want to do and have the support to pursue something you enjoy is a luxury afforded to few.  A life-changing opportunity was the ability to travel and learn about how other people in this world live.
  • I am thankful for my education. My generation, myself included, have abused the ability to switch faculties, studies, and interests as we please.  I love academia and I have a passion to learn new things, which is one of the many things that harm university students today.  I wish I had stuck with one well-thought out path.
  • I am thankful for my amazing support system.  I am lucky to always have people to guide and navigate me through the tough decisions in life (even though they aren’t really that tough).  The people around me are important and sometimes I don’t give them enough thanks.  I am lucky to have a warm, welcoming place to call home.

I wish I had been this introspective ten years ago and maybe that would have put me on a different path.  It has taken me a long time to get my head straight and concentrate on working hard.  I see too many people my age spending without thinking, abusing their privileges, and treading water in life.  Maybe it is just my personality speaking, but too many people don’t spend time truly contemplating what they want to do and going for it.

So, most of all, I am grateful for the realization and drive that will push me to something better.  As a kid entering university, I was a completely different person, one that would frustrate the current me.  It was probably a result of the people that I talk to and the things that I read, but I am glad for whatever that has pushed me to strive for my goals.

-From a trying-not-to-be-entitled-middle-class-yuppie.


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