NaNoWriMo Day 10: Into Double Digits

Why can't it work like this?
Why can’t it work like this?

I hoped to have about 10 000 words (double digits * 1000) written by now, even with the new start to my novel.  It was a reasonable goal for this point, but I hit a huge plot hole and spent a few hours re-arranging my outline for the novel.  After many scribbled notes and wasted sheets of paper, I finally patched the gaping hole in my plot.  I’m still not too sure how I want the plot to develop in the later portions of my novel, but I think I am set now for 10k.

It seems that other bloggers are hitting their obstacles at around this point.  The first week was pretty exciting and it was easy to get motivated to write.  I think most challengers had a pretty clear idea of the progression of their novel, but now people are hitting their first major challenges with time, plot, character development, and numerous other concerns.  I think a better outline would have helped me immensely.

Going back to the the overused marathon analogy, it appears most people start off with their sprints and now face unexpected hurdles.  “But it’s a marathon,” they complain.  “Why are there hurdles?”  I feel like I’m running straight into these hurdles.  The road ahead is full of unexpected challenges and it’s not like I did any marathon training.   I keep having to remind myself that this challenge isn’t supposed to be easy.


It’s inspiring to see so many people working diligently to get to the 30 000 mark and there still are many challenges ahead.  On a side note, I found these short strips that I am sure most writers can relate to.  I’m going to keep going at this and my new goal will be to hit 10 000 by Day 13 (this Friday).  I have struggled to stop myself from revisiting and editing earlier parts of my novel to limited success.

The not-so-impressive word count: 5 639/16 666

To another productive week of writing.  Cheers.


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