Swatch – Fashion has a new face

Final - Fashion has a new face copy

I wanted to choose a brand that isn’t universally well-known and that does not produce an overwhelming amount of advertisements.  I have never purchased a Swatch product, but I had some knowledge of the brand from wandering their collection and research.  I have always felt that their designs were eye-catching.

Swatch is known for unique designs and the company pays close attention to current trends and styles.   These watches are known for their high quality and fashionable appearance, which has lead to their two taglines: “Time is what you make of it” and “Fashion that ticks”.

In the ad, I tried to incorporate popular patterns with the words in a minimalist setting.  I was aiming for a classy and trendy look for the ad.  There is a relationship between fashion and high quality that I tried to outline with a clean white background .  I was also drawn to the play on the word face, which ties the copy and the brand together nicely.

I think the ad turned out well.  I am still a novice at Photoshop and I only have the third version of the program, but I am starting to grasp the different functions that are available, especially the overlay of the word FACE, which I think turned out beautifully.  I think this ad is still a work in progress.


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