10 Rollercoaster Emotions of All Travelers

Travel is a violent storm on the mind that batters your senses and emotional states.  There is nothing that disrupts the stagnancy of a normal life and a daily routine than picking up your bags and heading to a foreign country.  Every traveler is bound to experience these whirlwind of emotions, which is part of the reason why we travel.

1. Determination


Maybe traveling isn’t the right decision to make at this point in your life.  But, you are listless either in your work/school/personal life and you really wish you could just get away.  A shoddily-written article on a dubious website indicates that there are discounted flights to Paris, or Tokyo, or New York.  It might be some sort of scam or mistake, but the seed of travel has taken root in your mind and you find a flight that heads somewhere interesting.

2. Giddiness


Pre-trip excitement encapsulates your body as you prepare the essentials that you will bring on this life-changing quest.  Even the most mundane of tasks seem infinitely more important as you update your passport and pick out a perfect travel-sized toothbrush.  Every time you see an article on travel, you get the jitters for your upcoming adventure.

3. Worry


There’s still quite a bit of time before you are due to depart from your hometown and this journey is taking its toll on your sanity.  Do you have enough money for the journey?  What if you miss your flight(s) and have to rebook?  Numerous other questions plague your mind as you draw closer to departure.

4. Excitementpexels-photo-large (2)

It is just days before your flight and you can barely contain your emotions.  Those worries are replaced with the anticipation of the adventure to come.  As you say your not-so-teary goodbyes and grind out the last few days of your repetitive schedule, your mind is obviously elsewhere.

5. Confusion

Lost and Confused Signpost


You open your eyes in a strange room with noises that you normally don’t hear from the comfort of your bedroom.  A foreign language assaults your ears as you strain to filter the few words that you know.  Native speakers utter their words so fast that it is near impossible to understand. The first day of your trip is always disorientating.

6. Happiness


The expected emotion and the goal of any adventure is to find the elated moment when you can just smile and enjoy your surroundings.  You wish that there were some way you could pack away these moments to cherish at a later date.  Personally, most of my time spent travelling is in this blissful state. I’d alternate between happy and…

7. Fear


Journeying to a place of unknowns, fear will inevitably wash over your body at some point.  You will get lost despite all your preparations because the actual streets and landmarks aren’t as straightforward as they seemed on the computer.  Maybe you wander into the slums and its late in the day.  It’s ok to be scared sometimes, just try to travel with somebody and make sure that you never wander too far away from the popular attractions.  At least in these tourist areas, more people would speak your language.

8. Wonder


You’ve traveled all the way to Paris or Tokyo or London to see this one attraction and it took your breath away.  It’s time to check that one thing off your bucket list!  You stand there, stunned at the view.  The feeling of disbelief is the main emotion coursing through your body.  You’ve waited so long for this moment.

9. Accomplishment


You did it! Travelling the world is no easy feat.  Most likely you were forced out of your comfort zone multiple times, but you kept going.  Time to head back to real life where you have a job, school, and/or responsibilities that, truthfully, were put off for this vacation.

10. Nostalgia

pexels-photo-large (3)

From days to weeks to years, the time between travels are filled with nostalgia.  You have the little souvenirs, small reminders of the places you visited, tucked away in some corner of your home.  Even when not at home, a familiar-looking pastry, or a European accent can spirit your mind thousands of miles away.



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