About Me

I am an aspiring writer and copywriter who is using this site to experiment with different writing styles and to comment on things that matter to me.  Some of my ever-expanding passions are reading, sports, travel, and music.  Currently, I am working for a local company as a copywriter and as a content writer for VIVA Lifestyle and Travel.

I love to travel and write about what I experience abroad.  Travel is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life because it is unique to every person. There is nothing that can replace the high and low experiences you attain when travelling through foreign lands.  Similar to how different people will describe a photograph in different ways, I believe that an experience abroad can be portrayed in multiple ways.

As a marketing enthusiast, I am driven to experiment with content that can most effectively communicate a message to a target audience.  I enjoy visual and written humor in ads and my favorite one would have to be this:



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