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A collection of my ideas to to be included in my portfolio.    All content included here have no intention of being used for commercial purpose.


Fed Ex Ad (2017) 

Think outside the box


Bell Plantation Facebook (2017) 

Every batch just the way you like it


GoGo Quinoa Email (2017)

Go go healthy. Go go organic.


Dr. Bronner’s Twitter (2017)

Feel fresh with every wash.


Now Foods Facebook (2016)

Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live Now.


Desert Essence Twitter (2016)

E-scent-tials for relaxation

Prairie Naturals Hair Force.jpg

Prairie Naturals Hair Force Ad (2016)

It’s like curls, for your curls

BIC Ad - Because a pen....jpg

BIC: Because I Can (2016)

Copy Text: Because a pen won’t get in the way of your masterpiece

Image from Musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon – Ballpoint pen on paper

Lorna LoveLube Ad

Lorna LoveLube (2016)

Lorna LoveLube is a product marketed towards vaginal dryness, which can commonly occur in women undergoing menopause. http://healthyimmunity.com/products/Love-lube-personal-lubricant.asp


Affiliate Program Landing Page (2016)


Organics Week Infographic (2016)

Blend It Up Protein Smoothie Ebook

Protein Smoothie Ebook (2016)

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtbjo3r555optrg/Protein%20Ebook%20%28with%20coupon%20code%29.pdf?dl=0


Protein Smoothie Ebook Landing Page (2016)

SierraSil Category Banner

SierraSil Category Banner (2016) – My aching joints don’t move well


Charity Intelligence Canada PSA

Charity Intelligence Canada Advertisement (2016)

Donations aren’t a game. Don’t treat it like one.

Uber Advertisement (2015)

SFU BUS 345 – Integrated Marketing Communications project

Audi A5 Ad copy

Audi Ad (2015):

“All eyes are on the 2018 Audi A5”

Copy Text: Catch a glimpse of the redesigned A5 coupe.  A noticeable gleam in the eyes projects when you cut through the dark unknowns of the first drive.  Light radiates off ample curves as you glide around corners with an eye-opening smoothness.  Boasting a BOSE surround sound system  and 350 HP, you don’t want to be left in the dark.


Vega Ad (2016)

Mega Vega Sale: Extra 20% off

Feeling better with plant-based protein.